What is a Google Business Profile ID and How to Use It?

Google Business Profile attributes are an important differentiator in competitive local search results. Learn how to use them in Playground and get tips on how to rank on Google.

What is a Google Business Profile ID and How to Use It?
Google Business Profile attributes are an essential part of competitive local search results. To use them in Playground, you need to complete the Prerequisites steps and get approval for access to the Company Profile APIs. Explore the different attributes available to your company and look for new ways to make a good impression with attributes as they are implemented.

It is clear that property attributes are important to users, and so Google will continue to find ways to highlight this information. They provide functions common to all Google APIs, such as HTTP transport, error handling, authentication, and JSON analysis. Google is constantly testing and adding new features to help local users find the best answer to their questions or needs. It's a slight change in terminology, but it seems that search engines are more interested in who actually owns the business than who “runs” it.

Display a list of your company's services and provide online quotes so that customers get the information they need to choose you. Your application must send an OAuth 2.0 token with any company profile API requests that access users' private data. The full set of URIs that are used for each operation supported in the APIs appears in the reference documentation of the Business Profile APIs. For more information on how to make various types of requests, see the Company Profile API Reference.

On its Grow With Google page for women-led businesses, Google says: “Identify your company as owned, run or founded by women by adding a 'Female Leaded' attribute to your business profile on Google, which appears when people search for your company in Google Search and Maps. The types of attributes available for your locations vary and are determined by the primary company category you have selected for your GBP. These attributes are prominently displayed on your company listing in Search and Maps, helping local customers quickly see if your location is the best fit for their needs. Turn people who find you on Google Search and Maps into new customers with a free business profile for your store or service area.

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