How to Find Out Who Owns a Google Business

Do you want to know who owns a Google Business? It can be difficult to find out who owns a Google Business listing but it is possible. In this article we explain how.

How to Find Out Who Owns a Google Business
Do you want to know who owns a Google Business? It can be difficult to find out who owns a Google Business listing, but it is possible. In this article, we will explain the steps you need to take to find out who owns a Google Business listing and how to claim ownership if necessary.

The first step is to enter the name and address of the company into the search bar. This will bring up a list of search results. Select the correct company from the list and do not select to create a company with this name.

If no updates or options are presented on the GMB portal after the full 7 days, it may mean that Google withdrew the request or that it has a material delay in its service queue. Unfortunately, a second round may be necessary for Google to release ownership. Open the location uploaded to Google My Business. Sometimes businesses lose access to their Google My Business listing and need to claim ownership.

The best way to regain access to your GMB listing is to use a Google Account with an email address from your own business domain throughout the process. This will help legitimize your claim later in the process. If you're a bit tech-savvy, make sure you add the same email address as an administrator in Google Analytics and Google Search Console. While not required, this also helps to prove that you are the rightful owner of the GMB ad you want to claim.

Google will then allow you to verify your affiliation with the company. That's why it's so important to use an email from your company's domain and add your email as an administrator to Google Analytics and Google Search Console. However, the good news is that, whether you created the ad yourself or not, you can request ownership of Google My Business listings. And when you're the owner or manager of those listings, you can control what information you share about your business.

The ad may have been claimed by a previous employee or agency, or you may not remember the email address you used to claim it. Either way, you want to regain control of your GMB ad. Google has a process to help you regain ownership of your Google My Business listing, but as a Platinum GMB product expert, I have a couple of tips that will make the process even easier. Here are the steps you can follow to claim ownership of your Google My Business listing.

On the screen, you'll see information that the request has been submitted and that the business profile owner has 7 days to respond. After successfully claiming the property, be sure to perform a subpoena audit of all important listings in the business directory. When you receive the code (by phone, email or post), sign in to Google My Business and enter it in the designated “code” field on your GMB dashboard.

You can also add authorized Google My Business representatives, who are approved people who have your permission to add information to your ad. Over 80% of these actually come back as email demons and Google immediately knows that the user is no longer active and can't transfer ownership, in which case Google unverifies and lets them know.

Google looks at the owner and checks if he has been active recently; otherwise, it notifies the user that he has not verified his page and asks him to contact Google business support if this is incorrect.

To check who owns your Google My Business listing, enter your business name into Google and see if the listing is displayed. If your business listing appears on the right side of the search results, but you didn't create it, search for a question about whether you are the owner of this company.

The ad could have been verified by someone you know, but without your knowledge. Contact anyone who has participated in your marketing efforts to see if they have access to it, such as current and former employees or suppliers. If so, ask them to transfer ownership of the listing to you.

Owning and managing your Google My Business profile is a must, especially when advertising a local business. We have seen many times that a customer realizes that he, the business owner, is not the actual owner of Google My Business Listing.

Once you've successfully claimed your business on Google My Business, you're ready to start controlling your information. Find out how to rank on google by contacting an SEO expert.