Everything You Need to Know About Google Sites for Business

Google Sites is free website builder that offers businesses a lot of features. Learn more about its limitations and advantages before using it.

Everything You Need to Know About Google Sites for Business
Google Sites is a free website builder that offers a lot of features for businesses. It's part of the Google suite of applications, so it's easy to connect files from various tools and group them together on your site. You won't be charged for additional features or support like other site builders, but you'll be charged once you reach a designated storage threshold. And you'll have to pay for your domain if you decide not to use the one Google Sites assigned to you.

Classic users who want to catch up with New Google Sites can rejoice. The end result is a rigid platform that makes it difficult to create the business website you imagine. So for a personal project, I decided to try it again and see who the product would really be suitable for, and not just compare it with other hosted website builders.

We gave Google Sites a three out of five in design because, while the platform produces pages that are easy to navigate and look clean, it doesn't offer outstanding design features either. If you want to create any kind of brand identity or create a custom design with templates, then you're very limited with Google Sites. Google Sites doesn't have widgets outside of Google Apps options, but you can add any external option with an embed code.

As part of the Google suite of applications, the platform easily integrates with Google Docs, Google Forms, and more. Google Sites is good for something like a quick event, a short-term project website, a time-sensitive site, or even a simple placeholder website. It's also simple enough for non-business users to create websites for their families, friends, and classrooms.

This is one of the areas where Classic outshines New, and I think Google is aware of that and it's one of the reasons they keep Classic alive for now, at least. If you want to avoid all this back and forth, compromise on quality, and you want a site builder that does a lot more for your company's website, then check out Google My Business. As you can see in the screenshot below, the interface is extremely simple and is not really suitable for creating a complete business website.

Google Sites is free to use, but there are certain limitations that businesses should be aware of before using it. It's not suitable for creating complex websites or those with advanced design features. It also doesn't have widgets outside of Google Apps options. And if you want to use your own domain name, then you'll have to pay for it.

If you're looking for an easy way to create a simple website quickly without compromising on quality or design features, then Google Sites may be the right choice for your business. It's free to use and integrates easily with other applications in the Google suite. However, if you need something more advanced or complex then it may be worth looking into other options.