Does Adwords and Adsense Work Together?

Learn how Google Ads & Adsense work together & how they can help your business grow! Find out more about how to rank on Google.

Does Adwords and Adsense Work Together?
In the past, sellers had no choice but to promote their products or services. Nowadays, if you have an SEO campaign and want to start an AdWords or AdSense project, you can do it without any worries. It won't affect your organic rankings at all. In the world of digital marketing, these two campaigns are completely different.

If you decide to use both, you'll have to measure two progress reports and analyze two different sets of results. PPC ads, such as Google Ads, are paid online ads that appear alongside relevant searches and other content on the web. Contrary to popular belief, running a Google Ads campaign doesn't help your SEO ranking.

Google Adwords

is mainly used by advertisers, while AdSense is a tool for publishers. However, these two can coexist in the same world.

On the other hand, if you don't use them correctly, they can lower the quality score of your ads or even exclude you from AdWords or AdSense. Phil Frost from Main Street ROI suggests running AdWords before starting SEO so you know which keywords would be profitable. Adwords is a great way to increase traffic and sales quickly, while SEO provides a long-term advantage for success. Many business owners are afraid of violating any policy and being banned from search engine results, so they choose only one of these campaigns.

From my experience, I noticed a sudden increase in Adwords placements, which convinced me that Adwords works better for exposure (pay for visibility) for immediate results or short-term goals. However, I still use SEO to stabilize search engine rankings for long-term goals. You can sign in to AdSense and AdWords with the same Google account, but they're separate and don't affect each other. Google addresses this question in the official AdSense help guide: does AdSense affect a website's search rankings? Even if you have good rankings, you can use Adwords and get more exposure for the same keywords that you get SEO traffic from.

Adwords is great when you need fast traffic, but SEO is necessary for sustainable, long-term online success. You can now run AdWords ads and have an AdSense account at the same time, but you shouldn't place AdSense ads on the landing page. With AdWords, you need to provide quality content based on which you can create a chain of keywords that will drive website visitors. This program is designed FOR COMPANIES or called Advertisers so that they can create and control their own ads.

In addition, numerous companies in many industries over the past decade have tested websites before and after AdSense and AdWords campaigns, demonstrating that there is no direct benefit to running either program.